Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Palestine, I'm Sorry My Nation...

Has failed you again. I'm sorry that the President we all hoped would free Palestine up to become what she once was failed us all.

I'm sorry that our wunderkind George Mitchell capitulated to Israel and it's settlements that encroach upon the West Bank.

I'm sorry that our government doesn't understand how it feels to have your sacred Mosque trampled on by IDF soldiers and to have settlers enjoy their Purim rites on your sacred space, or to have them destroy the very foundations of your sacred building.

I'm sorry your people have no water, food, work, homes and that our government pays lip service to your people.

I'm sorry that some of you have to look at that ugly Apartheid Wall every day to be reminded of the loved ones, farms, the sea that you cannot visit.

I'm so so sorry.

And most of all, I'm sorry my little sorry blog does not have a "delete" button to make all the harm and evil in your lives magically disappear.

I will keep working, Palestine. I will not fail you, capitulate to anyone regarding you, pay you lip service or build walls between us to shut you out.

-The Dork

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