Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Israel Considers Shooting a Peaceful American Protester an "Act of War"

The latest information on Tristan Anderson, the American that was shot in the head with a tear gas canister whilst marching peacefully this past March, is that he has recently undergone a surgery to replace a peice of skull that was removed to reduce brain swelling. He is still recovering in a hospital in Jerusalem.

After this incident occurred, Israel was asked to have an inquiry into whether the military had the legal right to fire military weapons into a crowd of peaceful activists. It has been determined by Israel that activists marching to protest Israel's policies in Gaza & the West Bank are "acts of war" against Israel.

This is digusting. Revolting. Unbelievable. And here's the ISM article: http://palsolidarity.org/2009/08/8092

Please, write your Senators, President, Secretary of State, blog, Twitter, send e-mails to friends & family. We cannot let Apartheid Israel continue to harm innocent people-including Americans of conscience!

-The Dork

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