Monday, March 9, 2009

Performing Purim rites at Al Aqsa Mosque

In Islam, Muhammed is the prophet that brought monotheism to the Arabic and Persian tribes. This weekend is his birthday and is a major celebration for Muslims all over the world. Al Aqsa Mosque holds special reverence for Muslims, as it is next to the Temple Mount and where Muhammed directed Muslims to pray toward in the beginnings of Islam. Unfortunately, this mosque sits on the line through the center of Jerusalem.

Israelis are also celebrating their own holiday of Purim this weekend. So, a group of Israeli settlers decided it would be a good idea to truly insult the Palestinian Muslims by holding a Purim rite on the property of Al Aqsa Mosque. If this is not designed to be inflammatory to Muslims, I don't know what is.

You see, it's not just that Gazans are having their homes, their fields, their offices, their schools, their lives razed to the ground. It's not just that the Occupation has killed whatever banking system there was. It's not just 20 days of intense bombing of innocent women and children. It's not just that the Occupation has crippled hospitals and medical clinics. It's that they also cannot practice their religion or appreciate their culture with out being insulted or censured. It's that Israel is willing to destroy a landmark that has special meaning for a worldwide religion. Imagine if someone destroyed the Wailing Wall by digging tunnels underneath it to compromise foundations. How would we in America react to that? Well, the Al Aqsa Mosque has been being compromised by Israel digging tunnels underneath for no true purpose.

Why the imbalance? Why do we, as Americans, sit back and think it's ok?

I dare you to stop being complacent and letting others point fingers. Get involved in your World. It's your future.

-The Dork

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