Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Amira Hass writes about Gaza

I want you to read this article by Amira Hass, of Haaretz News. In it she describes a day in the life of Gazans.

“Pots of urine, feces on the walls - how IDF troops vandalized Gaza homes,” Amira Hass, Haaretz, 3/6/09
Excerpt: The soldiers ordered the five people to go into one room and stay there. They let them take some food: bread, olives, oil, water. They confiscated the mobile phones when they saw Na’ama holding one: “You want to call your brother to come with Hamas, to shoot at us,” said one of the soldiers. “Liar,” they said a lot, as well as “shut up, you donkey,” in broken Arabic. They imitated her mockingly when she said “Ya Rab” (”Oh God”). The five prisoners could not pray, as they were not allowed to clean themselves up before prayer and were forbidden to stand up. They were given two blankets, which were not enough, especially because the windows were smashed and the door was always open. A soldier always sat next to the door aiming his rifle at them. All five still have colds.
“You’ll come out when we leave,” was the answer given to Na’ama after she asked them to contact the Red Cross. Apparently, one soldier spoke fluent Arabic, another could speak some and others knew a phrase or two.
Was there anyone among the soldiers who was a little bit nice? “To my regret, no,” Na’ama says. In a number of other houses or neighborhoods people who preferred not to flee encountered some soldiers who were somewhat courteous. In none of the other houses were people forbidden to use the toilet, but the men’s hands were bound for two or three days. There are houses where the captives had no food for two or three days or no water for hours. “We don’t have food either,” said the soldiers in Izbet Abed Rabbo.
Soldiers broke down doors of grocery stores and helped themselves to candy and snacks. There were some who handed out candy to children; sometimes soldiers asked a child whom they forced to accompany them, as a human shield, to hand it out. -Amira Hass

Haven't the Israelis accused Palestinians as using "human shields" against them? So if that's something you condemn, why would you turn around and do the same? Ah, hypocrisy...

Please write letters to your government condemning the atrocities continuing daily in Gaza and on the West Bank. Stop Apartheid in Palestine.

-The Dork

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