Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today, reading blogs, news, etc. Found this on HuffPo regarding Obama's appointment of George Mitchell to broker peace in the Palestine/Israel conflict.

I have many times referred to what is happening in Palestine as similar to the "Troubles" in Ireland.

In Irish history, a foreign power (England) planted foreign people (Scots Presbytarians and English Anglicans) on Irish land, dispossesing many natives of family lands and livelihood. They were taxed unmercifully by the British and left to starve when a famine broke out among the native population. Meanwhile, England exported tons of food and textiles from Ireland to other shores while Irish people were eating grass to survive. Many languished and died in prisons for in ability to pay taxes to the Queen of England.

During this time, groups of Irish men formed to lead a rebellion against England. This was the Irish Republican Army. They wanted the county of Northern Ireland rid of "transplants" from Scotland known as The Orangemen. Today, we would call them terrorists.

Just like we call Hamas terrorist.

So, George Mitchell brokered peace after 700 years of anmity in Ireland. Can he do the same in Palestine? I sincerely hope so. Here's the link to the piece:

-The Dork

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