Monday, January 26, 2009

Ya Rouhi...(my soul, in Arabic) it hurts.

I am contacting PETA today. Israel's Occupation Forces murdered dogs, cats, horses, donkeys and God only knows what else.

I wish I knew whom to contact regarding the destruction of farming and fishing sources. Israel destroyed almost all agricultural fields, so that the Gazans cannot even grow their own food. The phosphorus bombs Israel used and all the razing they did of fields has ruined the soil in Gaza and makes it almost impossible to grow food in.

Israel is still shooting fishermen on the coast of Gaza, so they can't even get a few fish for the family to eat.

Israel is already scrambling to keep miltary "higher ups" in their country so they don't get arrested abroad, as some of them almost were (for war crimes) after attacking Lebanon and Gaza from 2003 forward. They are protecting the faces and names of those who made decisions to murder Gazans.

Gaza needs agricultural assistance to become Self-Sustainable. They need their infrastructure rebuilt for the government, schools, hospitals. They need to know that their voices are being heard. They don't want handouts-they want a fair deal!

Please, do what you can to help. Write an e-mail to your President, your Senators, send a nasty-gram to the Israeli Occupation Murderers at helpgaza2008@gmail. Let Israel know how you feel about them. Write to PETA if you are an animal lover. Here's the link:

Even though Israel has pulled out of Gaza (for now), they are still harming those on the West Bank and target shooting people in Gaza. Please, don't be apathetic and indifferent. It may not affect you now, but someday it will. Your children will carry the burden and responsibility of finding peace in their World.

Can you help?

-The Dork

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