Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today I want you all to watch a clip of Natalie Abou Shakra on a news program discussing what she is seeing in Gaza.

This beautiful, 21 year old girl from Lebanon is putting herself in danger's way to help the Palestinians, finding time to write poetry and do interviews, as well as the volunteer work that she does in Gaza.

Seriously, reading my blog is one thing. I ask you all to send an e-mail to your President or Senators. Send an e-mail bomb to the Israeli Defense Force killing hundreds, wounding thousands at helpgaza2008@gmail . Start your own blog and get the word out! Join a march in your city! We have so many many people to educate that we can't sit idly by and watch!

The future of Gaza is the future of the World! Our children will be saddled with this if we don't solve it once and for all!

Please, friends. I know you leave it to me to be the humanitarian empath that cries for the World all the time, but I need your help! Gaza needs your help. Please. Do something, even if it's one e-mail.


-The Dork

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