Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can anyone explain to me why the Arab Nations cannot get it together and find either a solution Hamas feels is fair to Gaza or have Syria and Jordan invade Israel? This is making me so angry!!!

Everyone knows the US government will not step up (unless, maybe...Obama?) so it truly is up to the Arab Nations to go get Israel! This is so asinine.

Are the Arabs afraid of America retaliating if they invade Israel? Are they afraid of their image-because their inaction is an action-it's a decision to let more people be terrorized and die!! They have already ruined their image as governments that mean what they say. Hamas is the ONLY group that says what they mean and means what they say. They actually back it up! So where are the rest of the Arab governments? What a bunch of #!*^#@!*'s.

The truth is, if say...Syria mobilized troops towards Israel, you can bet your bippy that the US would tell Israel to knock it off immediately. The US can't afford another "war" in the middle East and Persia, so they would be left with no choice but to tell Israel to back off. So truly, the Arab nations have nothing to fear right now.

Ugh. I'm just angry today that these poor people are being besieged, terrorized, maimed, burned, killed. So angry. Angry at phosphorus, angry that my country gave them the power to hurt Gaza. Angry angry angry. Angry the the Zionists forgot where they came from. Just want to scream at Israel. Maybe time to send another e-mail bomb to the IDF (since they so kindly provided an e-mail address to help Gazans snitch on their neighbors.) If you would like to send the Israeli's an e-mail to let them know how you feel, the address is helpgaza2008@gmail.com .

Sorry for the invective today, but, jeesh. A girl can only cry so many times before she gets pissed off.

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