Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bibi Loves His Apartheid Wall

Today Reuters is reporting that Netanyahu has decided the Apartheid Wall will stay for the time being. Citing the need for 'safety' and stating that "it is quiet because of the fence" is supposed to convince the World watching that an Apartheid Wall is just a 'fence'.

Have you seen this "fence"? -courtesy of John Levermore


I think Bibi needs a "fence" just for him. One that closes off his ideas. One that chokes off freedom of movement, freedom of seeing his family, one that separates him from the beauty of his land on which he once grew olives and carnations.

This man is not going to abide by the Oslo Accords of 1993. He will not abandon the idea that The lands of Palestine are his for the taking.

Which, my friends, means that we must continue and increase our efforts to write letters, e-mails and blogs about Palestine. We must continue to boycott Israeli Companies and companies that support Israel's War Machine against Palestine (and others...).

We must, if we can, donate time, goods, talents or money to Palestinian relief efforts and International Solidarity Movement.

The plight of Gaza and the West bank are not over. There are still (maybe a few) homes left for the Israeli Army to raze. There are still farmers and fishermen being shot at daily. There are still arrests happening daily in the West Bank. There are still children and elders without medicines, fresh, clean water and basic nutrition and sanitation, there is still depleted uranium on the ground in Gaza.

Please. I know times are tough for us Westerners financially. But we live in the lap of luxury compared to those in Palestine. Find it in your heart to sign a petition if nothing else, in favor of aiding the situation in Palestine.

-The Dork

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