Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why I Love Jimmy Carter

I was a small child when Jimmy Carter became President of the United States. Although I recall my "fiscally" Republican mother feeling Carter was a "wimp" and "ineffectual", I felt even then that this was a non-threatening man, a fair man, a man that truly felt pain over the Iran Hostage Crisis. Now as a tree hugging liberal Democrat (sorry, Mom) I still love Jimmy Carter.

This week, Mr. Carter is in Syria, once again stating the case for the inclusion of Hamas in a peace deal. He understands that to exclude a group of people elected by the people of Gaza would be akin to spitting in the face of "democracy" for Palestine. We as Americans, can guide the process, but cannot dictate the terms or the people involved.

Here's an article:

This is a man that truly understands the myriad dynamics and truly cares about each person's point of view. And I for one, am gladdened to know that he represents our country and represents what it is to fight for peace and humanity.

-The Dork

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