Saturday, April 11, 2009

BDS - BOYCOTT APARTHEID - / International Campaign / English version

Please-notice the companies on this video. More than half of the products on this video are in my home-and my money has gone to fund the terror of Palestine.

Falasteen Arabeya was reporting that Motorola has sold it's Government Electronics Department-the one that makes bomb fuses.

Boycotting works.

-The Dork


  1. But I also have to point out that this isn't entirely the fault of Israelis.

    After the holocaust, we needed a state that would be a haven for them. A safe place. And Palestine didn't like that, for many (very good and reasoably thought out) reasons.

    Its not that everyone in israel is an evil torture specialist. I'm sure there are similar problems concerning Palestinian containment protocols. =/

    But I still do not support this war. What happened to talking things out peacefully, as Ghandi and Martin Luther King envisioned?

  2. I agree with you Yuki, not all Israelis are in support of what the government is doing to Palestinians, nor all Jews is true that organizations like AIPAC and some elements of the Israeli government most certainly have an anti-Arab agenda.

    -The Dork

    We cannot continue to support companies that support the death of anyone on this planet.