Friday, March 6, 2009

Israeli Settlements and U.S. Policy

According to the research and Documentation Unit at the Jerusalem Center for social and economic Rights, January and February of this year are reported to be the highest ever in home demolitions by Israelis of Arabs in East Jerusalem. Over 2000 people have been displaced and more than 300 homes destroyed.

Still, the U.S. says Israel's "settlement building" (notice it is not called home destruction, eviction, or racism) is "unhelpful".

Palestines get the correct permits to build on their own land...a few years later they are told the permits a re not valid and their homes get bulldozed.

Then, as Obama's "peace" agenda turns it's head toward Israel and Israel elects a "hawkish" government, the Israeli Ambassador to Washington resigns. Here's an article:

If this isn't frightening you...well-you aren't paying attention.

Please folks, write a letter to your government asking for peace in the Middle East. Join a group like CODEPINK or Amnesty International or International Solidarity Movement. Make your voice heard. I dare you.

-The Dork

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