Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hillary says it's "unhelpful"

I cannot believe that the understatement of the Century is that Israeli destruction of Palestinian homes and continued building of settlements on Palestine lands is "unhelpful".


I mean, seriously?


I believe that what is "unhelpful", Hillary and Barack, is the fact that virtually no U.S. Government official will admit what the rest of the World sees happening in Palestine. No U.S. Government official is willing to sacrifice his/her career to the greater good of the planet. No U.S. Government official wants to accept responsibility and a role in genocide and apartheid in Palestine.

Our money will mean nothing until we do what is right by Palestine. And that is to stay the hand of Zionism and racism in Palestine (and the U.S. are the only ones to do it-it means nothing to Palestine otherwise).

To be "helpful" would be to admit our wrongs in the past.
To be "helpful" would be to concede that when you ask people to democratically elect a government, you ought to help that government govern, rather than scream "terrorist!" and ignore the voice of a nation of people.
To be "helpful" would be to prove to the Middle East that we are interested in human rights for all, not just ourselves and those we deem "worthy" of Sovereignty.

Seriously? Settlement building is "unhelpful"?

-The Dork

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