Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Harrassment in the West Bank

Israeli soldiers of the Occupation have arbitrarily arrested 27 young men in Beit Ommar in the West Bank. Soldiers entered homes at midnight and took these young men to an undisclosed location.

The sad truth is, this happens every day in the West Bank. Retired IOF soldiers have spoken out and explained that they were moved every day to a new location and given an assignment. It may be to raze a home, arrest "X" amount of Palestinians, or assasinate someone.

Every day in the West Bank, on the other side of the Apartheid Wall, people must live with the knowledge that their sons, fathers, uncles, brothers, husbands may be taken at any time for absolutely no reason other than they are Arab males.

As of November 2008, there are 12,000 Palestinians in Israeli prisons. Of these, under 6000 have actually been charged with a crime and gone to trial.

Since the 20 day assault on Gaza, hundreds more have been arrested in the West Bank, and many arrested from Gaza. And Israel wants Gilad Shalit back. Without any negotitions for peace without this single Israeli soldier, nor a counter offer of the release of the 10's of thousands of Palestinians in their prisons. It's appalling.

Please, I implore you, write letters to your government condeming the continued terrorizing of Palestinians by IOF soldiers. Join a group that supports Gaza, such as International Solidarity Movement, CODEPINK, Amnesty International. Find local marches in your area and march!

I dare you-triple dog dare you.

-The Dork

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