Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Letter to my Senator regarding the visit and film screening of Dutch filmmaker and known Arab racist, Geer Wilders:

Mr. Kyl, It seems impossible to me that our country is still trying to vilify Muslims and Arabic people. This film you are screening and the language you use regarding the film are racist and unhelpful to National Security. Only when all people are equal in this World will there be World peace. Naziism is happening in Israel by the very people that claim to want to be rid of it. As long as Israel is allowed to dictate U.S. policy, the World will be in danger of Islamic Terrorism. When you, Senator Kyl, support someone that is a known racist, you set a precedent and an example to our youth. Is this want you want your grandchildren to know? That the World is dangerous place because of ONE race or religion?
Please Mr. Kyl. Use some common sense and see that racism is dying and that World Peace and National Security will only happen for America when Israel is forced to be peaceful with it's indigenous neighbors, the Palestinians.
With Utmost Sincerity,
-Anjanette BaileyMesa AZ

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