Monday, January 19, 2009

Well, Israel pulls out just as Barack Obama becomes President. How predictable.

And because Gaza has no title to statehood, cannot sue Israel for war crimes.

This is just all too convenient, eh?

I'm sickened. Disgusted. Angry. Sad.

Natalie from "Moments of Gaza" hasn't posted in 4-5 days and was talking about traveling to a dangerous area to check on a family she stayed with. I am worried for her and her host family.

I only have hope in the fact that so many around the World protested against this massacre of Innocents and saw-even with journalistic blockades-what the Israelis have done. They cannot hide behind"America" any longer, when so many of us refuse to continue voting for weapons-dealers (i.e.-our government). When so many of us have asked for investigation. When so many of us finally-finally!-learned the truth about Palestine.

The World is on the verge of history tomorrow. Can we finally change the World? Can we?

I can only hope...and continue working for it.

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