Monday, January 12, 2009

I weep, just weep when I read the news and personal stories of those in Gaza describing what they are experiencing. I feel very deeply for the children and the young, who should have so much to look forward to in their lives.

I hear Gaza crying for the World to stand together to stop the genocide of Palestinians. I see so many of us online and blogging, talking, e-mailing, discussing. I know NOT ONE person that is in favour of what Israel is doing to Gaza. How can this be that this is still going on?

The one and only person I fear that can turn the tide for Palestine is the new American President. The Arab countries can't unite as one body and stand up for their own, Egypt has played turncoat traitor (and my daughter is half Egyptian-her grandmother, may she rest in peace, would be really angry with her country for treating fellow Arabs this way.), Russia has been rebuffed, and the UN is being ignored by Israel because-let's face it here-Israel is quite purposefully slaughtering people and happy to do it thank you, and Hamas wants blockades open, the banking system free and functional, food aplenty in the markets...a sustainable future. Is that so much to ask?

The US is truly the final word, and I'll wager money that when B. Obama enters office, the terror of bombings will end in Gaza. I hope. I pray. Because something's gotta give.

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