Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here is only one of the several e-mail bombs I have sent to Israel with the e-mail address they provided Gazans to tattle on their neighbors to:

Dear Israel,

I have someone to report as a terrorist. YOU!

Do you truly believe, Israel, that the Gazan people are so stupid as to trust you?

The American people have seen what you truly are-monsters without a shred of humanity. You have lost the support of the entire World, and Americans will not continue to vote for warmongerers and liars.

The racism and hatred you wreak upon the Palestinian people will come back to haunt you. How dare you commit another holocaust on another people after you constantly remind us to "never forget". Well, we will never forget.

We will never forget that you are racist. We will never forget that you are inhumane. We will never forget that you broke international laws. We will never forget that you are a nation of liars. We will never forget that you, Israel, did not have the same compassion for other human beings that you have asked us to have for you.



Most Sincerely Disgusted by You,
Anjanette Bailey, USA

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