Saturday, January 10, 2009

By the way, if you check out the "Moments in Gaza" blog, you will find a post about an Israeli flyer sent down to Gaza City with an e-mail address for Gazans to report "terrorist activities" in their area. She provided the e-mail address and requested we send some of our own "e-mail bombs" to israel. I have already sent mine...

Here's the address-and yes, it's disgustingly ironic:

Help Gaza by sending an e-mail to Israel and letting them know just what we think of them and the Holocaust they are perpetrating on the People of Gaza.


-The Dork

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  1. Hello our dear supporter!

    Great blog you have! But there's a small mistake: The e-mail of the IDF is actually ... please do correct as we need to send the email bombs to the right address.

    by the way, would love to read the bomb you sent! Thanks for defending, our fellow sincere human